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Punk-Rock irgendwo zwischen The Lawrence Arms, PUP, Against Me!, Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, Taking Back Sunday oder dem frühen 2000er Emo-Pop-Tagen von Brand New: MakeWar machen mächtig Laune.

Dabei schafft es die dreiköpfige Band aus Venezuela, die mittlerweile ihre neue Heimat im New Yorker Stadtteil Brooklyn gefunden hat, den nicht eben ungefährlichen stilistischen Spagat zwischen einer ordentlichen Portion Lederkutten-Rotzigkeit und ein paar frisch geputzten Tanzschuh-Chucks formidabel zu verwalten, ohne dass die Songs ihres zweiten, 2016 erschienenen Albums „Developing A Theory Of Integrity“ großartig an Szene-Credibility einbüßen. Bietet massig Parts, um süffisant-bierselig mitzugröhlen. Geht gut ins Ohr. 🤘


61keI6K3sPL.jpg„MakeWar is about a fight. A fight against ignorance. And laziness. A fight against your inner demons. A fight to stay conscious. So you can have one more drink with your friends. A fight to do what you want instead of what you’re supposed to. A fight that isn’t violent. Or full of hate. This fight is about knocking down what’s holding you back. That’s why MakeWar sounds like letting go. It’s fighting depression by embracing aggression. And embracing everyone around you who does the same.“


Der feine Song „Don’t Panic“ mag zwar, wie das Album auch, bereits gute zwei Lenze auf dem musikalischen Buckel haben, bekam allerdings von Jose (Gesang, Gitarre), Edwin (Bass) und Greg (Schlagzeug) erst vor wenigen Tagen ein frisches Musikvideo spendiert:


„Breaking all the rules to see you disappear
Burning pictures with the help of little pills
Fighting memories that make me wanna puke
Trying to relax by drinking all the booze

But sometimes I see you there…
In the deep trails of my brain

Killer spiders roamed around the room last nite.
They took me hostage and put poison in my mind
It’s a funny feeling when you think you’re gonna die
In the back of a cab

And sometimes I spent my nights
Waiting for the siren sounds

You brought me up, then tore me down
Till I got over it and made it sound
It took some time, to realize
This game was over even before it started

I’m sorry but I have to fix you
The voice in my head repeats itself again
Don’t worry we’re gonna fix this
I guess Im talking to myself again

And sometimes I can’t explain
What is going thru my head

I brought you up, then took you down 
Till you got over it and made it sound
It took some time, to realize
I have to take care of this little heart of mine

Reaching out today
(For some help, please someone)
Help me understand
(Why sometimes I can’t breathe)
(Don’t panic, Don’t panic)
So take these little pills
They will numb your brain…“


Rock and Roll.

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