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Support your local artist! – Dennis Lyxzéns Worte zur aktuellen Lage der Musikwelt


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Nicht erst seit bis ins nächste Valhalla höchst funky tönenden und im Text – Populismus hin oder her – wohl auf ewig relevanten Evergreens wie „Capitalism Stole My Virginity“ oder „Communist Moon“ sowie Album-Meilensteinen wie „The Shape Of Punk To Come“ ist Dennis Lyxzén die wohl coolste pro-kommunistische linke Socke im Musikgeschäft (oder zumindest im Dreieck zwischen Lappland, Lettland und Legoland). Isso, verdammt.

Und da der seit eh und je verdammt umtriebige Frontmann von Kapellen wie Refused, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Lost Patrol Band oder INVSN, der nebenbei, mit „Ny Våg„, auch noch ein Punk-Rock-Plattenlabel betreibt, bereits etliche Lenze im Musikgeschäft auf dem schwedischen Buckel hat, darf man getrost jede der vielen Zeilen, die der mittlerweile 46-jährige Punkrock- und Hardcore-Verteran da vor einigen Tagen via Facebook vom Stapel ließ, glauben. Denn schließlich erinnert Dennis Lyxzén noch einmal jede und jeden, der oder dem Musik und bestimmte (vor allem kleinere) Künstler wirklich am Musikherzen liegen, noch einmal daran, worum es geht: „Go to their shows. Buy their merch and their records. Tell your friends about them. Like their social media pages.“ Denn gerade Künstler und Bands, welche eben nicht die „dicke Asche“ von den großen Plattenlabels, die mittlerweile einen Großteil des internationalen Musikmarktes unter sich aufteilen, zugeschustert bekommen, sind eben nicht auf Streams (welche ohnehin nur vergleichsweise kleines Geld einbringen) angewiesen, sondern auf den möglichst direkten Support. Wahre, weise gebrüllte Worte, mein oller Schweden-Punker!


Hier Lyxzéns komplette, sympathisch-direkte Brandrede im Wortlaut:

Rant incoming. 
I usually don’t rant that much on social media but here’s one for you.
I’ve been playing music for a long time now and I’ve been privileged enough to be able to do this more or less for a living for the past 20 years. I’ve travelled the world, meet amazing people and created some music that I can be really proud of.

However; every year that goes by it gets harder and harder to what we are doing as an independent artists/musicians. 
The musical landscape has changed immensely the last 10 years. Some things have been for the better and some things definitely for the worse.

With diminishing record sales and a clickbait economy comes a slew of problems.
Everyone needs to tour cause that’s how we are supposed to make any type of money. But with everyone on tour it’s actually harder to get shows and the fees have gone down the last couple of years due to this. 
Record-labels are less prone to work with smaller acts and the independent labels don’t have enough power or economy to push artist the way they used to.
So for every year the margins for people like us keep shrinking. Making it harder for bands like INVSN to tour and to record and to actually be a band.

And yeah; it’s not about the money, it’s never been.
But we need cash to be able to tour, to be able to record music. Most of the people in INVSN have full-time jobs and we still manage to do about 100 shows per record.

Another one of the more frustrating aspect of this is that you as an artist has to become your own press outlet. Through social media we can reach each other and communicate but it has also lead to the realization that this is how your music reaches people. Specially if you are a smaller artist.
We have to rely on the kindness or stranger to be heard. We have to rely on people following us on social media to get people to come to the shows. 
Which can be amazing but also frustrating. Most people don’t ‚like‘ posts with tour-dates or new releases. 

So what am I getting at here: Well, if you’re like me and you love music, independent music, alternative music, creative music with ideas then we really need to step up our game in supporting bands and artists that we like.
If you are into a band there’s a bunch of things that you can do to support them:
Go to their shows.
Buy their merch and their records.
Tell your friends about them.
Like their social media pages.
Like their social media posts. With the strange algorithms that facebook and Instagram has it is imperative that you actually like the posts not only scroll by them. The more people like a post the more it spreads and the bigger the chances are that someone outside of an already established fanbase will discover the band.
Be open and curious about new music and new bands.

And I also get it. Not every band or project is to everyones liking. Some people are comfortable with letting music be a nostalgia type deal but for some of us this is life and death.
This is everything for some of us!
I am grateful beyond words for the chances I’ve been give and I will never ever take this for granted but at the end of the day I need you more then you need me! 🙂

Thanks for reading this and here’s some bands and artist that you should check out and support
Bad Nerve, FÖLLAKZOID, Laura Carbone, Le Butcherettes, YOUTH CODE, Hilda Heller, The Hanged Man, Pale Honey, Honungsvägen, Zola Jesus, The Soft Moon, ACTORS, Agent Side Grinder, TRUE MOON, Anna von Hausswolff, Dolce, COLD CAVE, Les Big Byrd, War On Women, Chelsea Wolfe, Sa Fi, The Coathangers, Mattias Alkberg, Vanligt FolkACID BLOOD Umeå, Katohjärta The dumbfucks Trepaneringsritualen, Rome Is Not A Town , Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, and so much more!!!“


Rock and Roll.

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