Moment! Aufnahme.


(gefunden bei Facebook)


Zwar ist das Bild nicht ganz brandaktuell (einer kurzen Recherche nach müsste es von Januar 2016 sein), die Botschaft dahinter ist jedoch trotzdem zu gut, um in Vergessenheit zu geraten:

„Famed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo of himself sleeping on the street under his famous bronze statue, sadly wrote ‚How times have changed’…

The reason he wrote the phrase was not only because he was old, but because when he was governor of California he inaugurated a hotel with his statue. Hotel staff told Arnold, ‚at any moment you can come and have a room reserved for you.‘
When Arnold stepped down as Governor and went to the hotel, the administration refused to give him a room arguing that he should pay for it, since they were in great demand.

He brought a sleeping bag and laid underneath the statue and explained what he wanted to convey: ‚When I was in an important position, they always complimented me and when I lost this position, they forgot about me and did not keep their promise. Do not trust your position or the amount of money you have, nor your power, nor your intelligence, it will not last.‘

Trying to teach everyone that when you’re ‚Important‘ in the people’s eyes, everyone is your ‚Friend‘. But once you don’t benefit their interests, you won’t matter.

‚You are not always who you think you will always be, nothing lasts forever.'“


Rock and Roll.

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