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Sober Incorporated

A breakdown at the breakfast table,

Newspaper titled „This wife’s unstable!“

A tiny bliss of sanity,

Joined all the twist of irony.


Waiting for your time to come,

When always turns to never.

With the bitter and the better ones,

The tricky, lost and clever.


Ceremony waves her long goodbye,

Then poisons the last child.

A feast, direction infinity,

What’s bored now will stay wild.


Haemoglobin’s still too thick to swallow,

Veins, grown old and fat.

Just one more bunch of polaroids,

Then lay that bitch to bed.


Trinity, JC, godsend,

The holy colours of tv.

Motionless, don’t cry too loud,

This will not make me see.


Rules to follow, no plan’s fulfilled,

The man reads out late granny’s last will:

„Put a magnolia on the windowpane,

Waste my fuckin‘ fortune on a trip to Spain.“


Jeff, God may bless him, was a stock manic,

One sweet black day, a gun, a shot in the attic.

Indeed, money’s not likely if you’re in need and want to find,

Some fine eternal peace of mind.


Me, I’m up here in my tree,

Alone, not lonely’s what I’ve gotta be.

I’m not void of sins, but as far as I can tell,

Innocence is perfection, fiction as well.


People, don’t you make me look into the,

Shady prism of dysfunction and reality.

The ballad of big nothing has long died away, I know,

Here I am, I’ve gotta go.


(08. Januar 2004)




Rock and Roll.

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